Coin Dozer Cheats

Coin Dozer is a fun game available for various mobile platforms. It can be played by those who own iOS, Android, or Windows Phone devices. It can even be enjoyed over Windows 8. This widely available casual game for mobile phones and tablets has been downloaded by more than 20 million casual gamers since it was released. Still, just like the case of other mobile games, there are still those who are looking for Coin Dozer cheats and pointers to make it further into the game.

Game Overview

Designed by Game Circus to emulate the way a typical arcade coin pushing game works, Coin Dozer is a very simple game that does not involve lots of action. It does not even require deep thought or more active mental exertion. This very simple game is just about dropping coins on a machine that randomly allows the coin to randomly drop on different spots to shove into other coins and collect prizes. The number of coins that can be used is limited so it is important to cautiously position them and to analyze movements.

Coin Dozer Cheats

The “Cheat” Coin Dozer’s Developers Encourage

Coin Dozer is mobile game that features support for in-app purchases. This means that it you already run out of coins to play the game, you can always buy new ones with real money. The game is free so it only makes sense for the developers to try monetizing it through in-app purchases. Well, this is not totally a cheat but it is certainly an easier way to get through the game if you are not skilled enough to gather prizes or earn points.

Top Strategies and Cheats

1. Creating an impact. Try dropping two to three coins at the same time with some force. Doing this will help maintain the direction of the coins instead of letting them or the prizes go sideways.

2. Unlocking the gems collection. It helps to pay attention to unlocking the gems collection. Doing this allows a player to earn 3 coins for every coin collected.

3. Quickly replenishing coins. This is the main cheat here. Running out of coins is the primary constraint that prevents a player from playing the game any further. The cheat here involves the manipulation of time. All that needs to be done is to advance your device’s date by at least 1 day. You will have to close the game to go to Settings>Date & Time to adjust your device’s time accordingly. You will have to restore the real time later on if you want to do this cheat again.

Here’s the sequence of the process of this cheat:

a. Start the game normally.
b. Force the game to close.
c. Change the device’s date and time by 1 day.
d. Start the game again.
e. Force the game to close again.
f. Reset your device’s date and time back to normal.
g. Start the game again.
h. Force the game to close again.
i. Change your device’s date and time by 1 day again (Do this if you need to get more coins and repeat steps “d” to “i” to keep replenishing your coins).

Cheat Apps

Another way of cheating in the game is to use apps that automate the cheating for you. This apk, for instance, was developed to hack into the game’s system and provide all the coins and bonuses you need to more easily progress into the game. It requires rooting so you may have to learn more about hacking Android first before you can try using this. Just see this YouTube video for the overview on using this cheat app. For those who play the game on iOS, the recommended cheat app is the “iFile,” which is unfortunately not free (costs $4).

There’s nothing uncommon with trying to cheat with a mobile game. However, it is important to remember that the goal of playing mobile games is to enjoy. Cheating Coin Dozer and even spending money to try defeating a game’s rules does not make sense if it does not lead to actual enjoyment.